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The following sources of supply are options for purchasing the
merchandise indicated within each listing.  These are the items
that have proved profitable over the years by successful  merchants.

Write to them for full pricing details
(addresses accurate at time of publication, but cannot be guaranteed).

We are not affiliated nor responsible for any agreement or arrangement you make with any of the product providers on this page or within this website, the links are provided as a courtesty, to help start you on your way to finding product providers.


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some wholesalers  may or may not still be in business

Lakeside Imports, 6800 N. Campbell Ave., Chicago, IL 60645.
Provides a large selection of merchandise available at up to 85%
discount.  Write for catalog.

Atlantic Imports, 743 Beaubien, Detroit, MI 48225.  Fast-selling
low price items are available at giant discounts.  Write for
wholesale catalog and prices.

Sheldon Cord Co., 2201 W. Devon Ave. Chicago, IL 60625.  Giant
selection of nearly anything you wish to sell - featuring
close-out prices on stereos, jewelry, toys, gifts, gadgets, etc.
Send $1.00 for giant catalog.

Wallfrin La Cal Industries.  1535 Har Pl., Brooklyn, NY 11224.
Offers catalog of auto accessories.  50% discount and more.

North American Auto Supply, Box 897, Aurora, IL 60507.  Oil
filters for all makes of car.  Write for price lists.

Unique Products, 426 S. Clinto St., Chicago, IL 60607.  Air
fresheners, deodorizers and novelty items.  Catalog available -
discounts to 80% or more in volume.

Bar Zim Co., 930 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07306.  Games and
toys.  Free details.

Flinson Co., 6014 Kentucky Ave., Raytown, MS 64133.
Fast-selling household items ideal for flea markets.  Write for

Salton Co., 519 E. 72nd St., New York, NY 10021. Or, Gallant
Co., 527 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014.  Catalog on gift
appliances available.

Scan-Am Co., 23404 Harland, Canoga Park, CA 91304.  Large
selection of gift products available, the kind that sell at flea
markets.  Free price list.

Ward International, Box 3268, Granada Hills, CA 91344.  Loads of
specialty merchandise that sells good at flea markets.  Free

Edwards Products, Box 63, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. Good products,
such as the "Hamburger Maker".  Free catalog sheets.

Leather Co., Box 71, Nestor, CA 92053.  All types of jackets,
purses, wallets, etc.  75% discount and more Write for free

American Cartridge Recording, 24 W. Sheffield Ave., Englewood,
NJ 0763
1.  Offers stereo tapes - all brands.  Free catalog.

Jakla Gems Co., 2849 Southport Ave., Chicago, IL 60657.  Catalog
of rings and other jewelry - discounts to 90% of retail prices.

Worthington Gem Co., Box 1324 New Brunswick, NJ 08903.  Catalog
or rings and stuff - discounts to 80%.

Federal Vending Co., Box 1713, Des Moines, IO 50306.  Complete
line of vending machines.  Ideal side-line profits at flea
markets.  Write for details.

Stride Publications, 11 W. 42nd St., New York, NY 10036.
Assorted titles of paperback books - Free catalog.

Nostrand Book Co., 276 Brighton Beach Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11235.
Used and over-print paperback books.

Select Discount Books, 712 S. Missouri Ave., Clearwater, FL
.  Surplus, overstocks, remainders, etc., paperback and
hardcover books.  Up to 85% discount.


 Sources of Supply...


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Additional Source Information

Good used merchandise sometimes can be located at the right
price at garage sales, local Salvation Army Stores, Goodwill,
rummage sales, etc.  Check the local factories in your area.
Seconds are big sellers at flea markets.

Check the classified ad sections of your newspaper for super
sales - going-out-of-business offers and that sort of thing.  In
this fast-moving market local close-out sales may be your best
supply source.

Last, but certainly not least, how about looking around the flea
market itself?  Lots of people clean out their garage and bring
their "junk" to the flea market to sell.  If you catch them at
the right time, make an offer on their stuff.  If you are going
to be there each week, you can afford to take the chance,
whereas they don't want to have to cart back the stuff that
doesn't sell.

 You may find many unique Items suitable for sales at the Centerpiece Marketplace.

We do not cater to Junk Selling

We do not aim to be a  Junk sellers flea market - we don't put them into a lesser business category, they simply have a different market approach for their target vendor  pool


We are

The Centerpiece Marketplace

Our Marketplace is for Professional and Aspiring Professional Vendors

set up to function with the atmosphere style of a Swap Meet, with many diverse product lines.



Here's another tip you should remember:  a large percentage of
the sellers at Swap Meets  are there just for the day, while
you are the Professional  Marketplace/ Swap Meet Vendors.. 

.  What doesn't sell today may
very well sell tomorrow, or next week. 

You must remember people visit Swap Meets/ Marketplaces to find Lower Prices and Great Bargains

 Unique Products and Services in a comfortable atmosphere with professional vendor merchants.

If you keep your
inventory up, the sales will come 

alternate your inventory and keep a fresh view of presentations for your customers to find continuing attraction to your booth space.




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