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Building Associations, Sharing Cause and Purpose   A Managed Program of Objective  Meeting Measured Goals  

Through “Teamwork

Strengthening Our Community

Expanding Opportunity  

Share In The Teamwork

 Spirit for Success



 Reach a Broader Base of Customers.  in Our Weekend Events


Challenges are many within the economic climate, and the task becomes ours to engage to build back America , thru one person at a time, unity many person in the opportunity of commerce.  We must not forget, We are Americans, The Greatest Nation of Innovators who lead in Global Community, and Commercial Excellence.

 The expenses involved in the climate of new starts in business are extensive and prohibitive to many aspiring business minded individual. The array of cost and financing required has become a deterrent to the spirit of commerce among people and their drive to engage becoming entrepreneurial.  

We’ve designed “The Centerpiece Marketplace, to counter this challenge, and We seek to tie the Individual along with established business to make “Business events”, that support both, and promote all collectively.


For the established business, we will gather customers, in a collective, to display the wares within the commercial community and our social environment.

 Benefits to Established Business, The Centerpiece Marketplace, will  increase customer traffic within a  highly saturated shopping environment, From the auto dealership, to the start up's, and the local merchants.. "The Centerpiece Marketplace, with is high volume of  visitors per single day event,  you will be able to display your products, increasing sales, while attracting customers to your local business some merchants may choose  also engage the marketplace to move their bulk seasonal excess. Business who offers service will find the marketplace an excellent  opportunity to display their services, make the public familiar with their offering, and promote their special promotions. .  individual craft persons will have a dynamic  avenue to market their creations. 

Limitless opportunity  for any who care to try their hand  as Entrepreneurs.

  We seek your participation, through both sponsorship support contribution agreement, which will afford a range of benefits for the support and participation, and to engage us by acquiring fixed number to spaces, and other offering.  This will assist us in continuing promotion and the base cost of establishing the event as an ongoing series of events.

 We may also work with other agreements, we can design together to further reach a great audience and increase the exposure for all, while managing a collective saving to reach the target market, which in turn affords us option to engage more expansive advertising and marketing promotions.

 I ask for you support and participation, and collective we will build back our economy, and in doing so create new enterprises that help strengthen the whole of our economy and uplift our community, through making business and experience of many benefits.

 Win-Win is the nature of our process,  we can achieve it and transform the nature of our environment while it strengthens our economy. Generating a commercial center with dynamics in traffic flow, purchasing power improvements, and market exposure.



 “Teamwork Wins”  -  People Working Together, Create the 21st Century Progress


The Centerpiece Marketplace

Contact Us And  Become A Sponsor

     Alonzo Dean Smith  


Information about the Events can be found at

Website: http://www.TheCenterpieceMarketplace.com


 We Can Custom Tailor A Program To Fit Your Needs

We have also have existing programs





 Reach a Broader Base of Consumers..  in Our Weekend Events


A Great Venue for Moving Your Special Promo Sale Products, 

Display and give yourself better opportunity to move your " must sell inventories" and other Product and Service Promotions

Engage the best in your sales force within these events, and promote specials 


Attract a wide volume of traffic to visit your store locations during the week, by making great contacts and building connections within the community


  " TEAMWORK" .. Always " WIN"  !!!!

  Sponsor Gallery-

Each contributing sponsor will have a gallery featuring their Logo, and other photos of their choice, contributing sponsors, will have logo featured  on our Main page, with a link to their gallery.


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