Making Success  Your Reality

 Making Good Business Always Starts With A Sincere Respect and Appreciations Of and For  Your Customers, A Positive Attitude, Positive Presentations, Spirit of Good Will, and The Desire to Provide Superior Service and Quality Product.

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Professional Plus Club   - "Code of Conduct" - Motto

"The Rule "

That which you want for yourself, seek for mankind


The Golden Rule was a common principle in ancient Greek philosophy. A few examples:

 Code of Conduct

Build Trust and Credibility

We earn credibility with our customers, business providers and co-workers by keeping our

commitments, acting with honesty and integrity, and pursuing our  goals solely

through honorable conduct

Discrimination or Harassment

If you believe you are a victim or a witness of discrimination or harassment, you must report

it to the proper authorities, and  make a confidential complaint  to local Law Enforcement 

Illegal, Dishonest or Harmful Acts

Illegal, dishonest or harmful acts must be reported to Security. Acts of hostility or violence

should be reported immediately to local law enforcement or a 911 operator and then

followed up with a call to Security

Cooperate with Investigations

You must cooperate completely in any investigation relating to your Business, the Business of Centerpiece-Presentations /Real Life Expressions LLC, and must be truthful at all times. You may never interfere with or obstruct an investigation conducted by the our company or any government agency. In addition, you should never disclose or discuss an investigation with unauthorized and uninvolved persons.

Customer Service

We treat all customers with Respect, Courtesy, Fairness, Dignity and Cooperative Efforts, and Give Them Our Thanks for Shopping and Sharing With Us



Event Mission


We are committed to present an open opportunity for Individuals and Business, to Join together and engage commerce, Always with the quality and integrity in servicing customers, while providing quality and honest in our products we present, and the service we offer to provide. While we maintain a Professional Atmosphere, and conducting our business in a Professional Manner.

We seek out what best services our customers and our community, We work together, to build our economy where all can share and engage the step to successful business ventures.  while creating an environment of fun and entertaining experiences, for all who come to share and support our work.

We are the builders of tomorrow with the efforts we engage today, that we may make a future we can be proud to say, "Our Part Counts" , We work with a team spirit, and a team goal, to be successful as a "team" , built from and within our community.


Tips for Professional Sales


Law of Personal Appeal

Law of Integrity: 

Law of Selling Traits: A sales professional's most important selling traits are:

Law of Competence: 

Law of Caring: 

Law of Listening:

Law of Personal Resources: 

Law of Problems: 


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
--- Benjamin Franklin


Tips for Professional Image


You know you are a professional, but what's important is that your customers know you're a professional.

Despite the growth of independent sellers, vendors and merchants, craftspeople and artist types, many are still often times perceived as less serious, and some even perceived as  less capable than establishments with a large corporate structure.

To meet this perception, and change it, you need to take specific steps to develop and maintain a professional Image.  Remember, whether it's the right way or the wrong way, people will judge you, and your business based on superficial and general appearances.  It is your professional responsibility, to project the professional image, you care for your customers, and associates  to see within and about you.

Many Vendors of all sorts, loose potential customers, because they did everything but think and manage their image and present the image they want to present of themselves as being professional.

The most Important  to be concerned with is "you". When you are working alone in your home office you can dress however you want. Let's face it-one of the benefits of being home-based is that every day is casual day. But if you leave the house during business hours, or if you attend an after-hours event, you need to dress the part of a professional.  During your Sale Events, it is important that you present yourself with professionalism.

you may review, the varieties of professionalism and what is suitable attire for various business occasions, depending on your business .. you may choose among many options

 Logo apparel, with your business logo, business casual, or attire that suits and conveys your business, such as coordinated sport attire to sell and market sports, If it's beauty and fashion, then your attire coordinate to reflect your professional fashion flair.  there are many varieties in the business of today. You may research this for the many aspects.


For Business Meetings, it is always appropriate to wear a suit.

unless "the host" states otherwise


Making Success  Your Reality


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